Once Fertan Rust Remover Gel is done, what is the next step?

When the Fertan Rust Remover Gel is done removing rust it is important to thoroughly wash the surface with water to neutralize the surface. Be sure to dry the area immediately to keep the area from re-rusting. You will want to immediately cover the metal with a primer/paint, oil or wax to seal the ferrous metal. On surfaces that you are going to paint, we recommend that you do a two-step process with Fertan Rust Remover Gel (to remove the rust) and a light coating of Fertan Rust Converter.
Fertan Rust Converter will take any parts of the ferrous metal that has begun to re-rust (re-rusting occurs almost immediately due to humidity in the air) and convert the rust to a dust. Once this dust is removed via a wet sponge or rinse of water you are left with a coating of zinc phosphate. This zinc phosphate coating adheres to the bare metal and protects the surface for up to six months before any additional primer or paint is required.

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